Why Moms Should Choose the Ameda Mya Joy Breast Pump

When moms need a reliable pump with versatile features, safety, and comfort, they choose the Mya Joy (See our product page for more details). This hospital-strength breast pump offers the best value for moms who are looking for a convenient pumping experience with adjustable settings for single or double pumping. Powerful, lightweight, and quiet, the Mya Joy also features the world’s only FDA-cleared pump kit that helps protect breast milk from contaminants, known as the HygieniKit (see below). This pump delivers on the ultimate promise of comfort for pain free pumping by offering a wide range of settings, mom-friendly features, and flange sizes (see below). Whether pumping on-the-go, at home or at work, Mya Joy offers pumping without compromise with its travel-ready size that's compact, light, and portable (see below).


Parent Care

Each Ameda Mya Joy Breast Pump comes with unlimited telephone support through the Parent Care program. If you are having any issues or questions about your new breast pump, simply call our Parent Care center and get help from licensed lactation consultants. There are common challenges that you may encounter during your breastfeeding journey.


The HygieniKit Milk Collection System

Our milk collection system features the world’s only FDA-cleared patented protective barrier that protects the breast milk, kit tubing and pump from potential contaminants like bacteria and viruses while pumping. The milk collection system has everything you need to start pumping today. Experience top-of-the-line equipment found in hospitals around the country, in the comfort of your home because you and your baby deserve the best there is. Ameda® HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems are without BPA or DEHP. Pump tubing exposed to aerosols of milk or water can also become contaminated with mold growth. Ameda’s kit prevents milk and/or moisture from entering tubing — eliminating the risk of dangerous mold growth. Learn more about HygieniKit’s FDA-cleared viral barrier here


Small, Portable, and Adjustable 

The Ameda Mya Joy electric breast pump is small, quiet, and portable with either AC or double A batteries. It also comes with a belt clip to aid in on the go pumping. Our Breast Pump comes with Dual Adjustability that allows mom to select multiple suction levels for both stimulation mode and milk pumping mode. This allows mom to select settings that provide her with the best efficiency and comfort while pumping. 


Ameda CustomFit Flange System

IThe Ameda CustomFit Breast Pump Flange Kit helps make breast pumping comfortable and helps mom pump more milk with a “just right” fit. The breast flange is the funnel shaped piece that cups the breast. A good fit is important! Make sure your breast flange is not too small or too large. Using the wrong size will cause discomfort and reduce the effectiveness of your pump. If pumping causes discomfort, even on a low suction setting, switching to a different breast flange size may be the solution. All Ameda® HygieniKit® Milk Collection Systems come with a standard size 25.0mm flange that works well for many moms, but we also offer a range of different flange sizes and inserts – our CustomFit Flange System – to ensure you find your best fit.


Call us today at (541) 383-8085 to learn more about this amazing breast pump!

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